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The students’ coordinating conjunction acquisition order

Deby Irawan


This study is aimed at firstly uncovering the students’ acquisition order of coordinating conjunction for then to seek the possible causes of such phenomena. Quantitative design with implicational scaling and qualitative design with case study method were employed to unearth the phenomenon. The instruments used in this study were test, focused-group interview, and document analysis of some related textbooks. The result shows that the students acquire “and” conjunction at first and then followed by “so”, “for”, “but”, “or”, “yet”, and “nor”. The external factors which influence the order are the formal complexity of each conjunction, and the lack of exposure of coordinating conjunction both in the teaching activity and textbooks. This study comes with a suggestion that the teacher can give more explicit teaching on coordinating conjunction and necessary knowledge about the usage of each words. Then, book writers are also suggested providing ample exposure of coordinating conjunctions language sample in order to give the students’ knowledge about the usage of those conjunctions in daily interaction or meaningful context.


coordinating conjunction; implicational scaling; second language acquisition; acquisition order

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23971/jefl.v8i1.541


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