The eL-Maslahah Journal was first published in 2011. The eL-Maslahah Journal is managed  by the Syariah Faculty of IAIN Palangka Raya, published twice a year (July and December) as a media transfer  and communication of science in Sharia, Islamic Law, Law Positive, Sharia Economic Law, and Contemporary Islamic studies.

Islamic law and the dynamics of society are often perceived as two very different, maybe even contradicting, theories. In one point of view, Islamic law is something that cannot or will not change, because based on God's qadim revelation. Every qadim is static does not change. On the contrary, society substantially experienced considerable change and dynamic . Something dynamic can not be attributed to something that is stable and static. But Islamic law is not static and has the flexibility that can be adapted to something that changes and moves.

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