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Syarifuddin Syarifuddin, Fadlullah Fadlullah


This study will explain in detail why Allah SWT. mensyariatkan circumcision to Abraham, and then passed by the Prophet Muhammad. and his people. Then What is the purpose in the circumcision syariatkannya. Doctrine circumcision is already growing among Muslims dizaman now even though its operation has been somewhat different from the ancient times. Speaking of circumcision for converts who have grown up going khilafiah among scholars sect, there are some scholars school of thought that says circumcision is obligatory for men and there are some other scholars who say sunnah. The opinion of some researchers will examine more deeply how the scholars in the school of law mengistinbatkan about circumcision for converts who have dewasadalam Perspective of Islamic law. Then from some opinions of the scholars, the opinion of which one can relevanced with the condition today.

Methods used by the writer in this study is a literature study (library research), the research uses literature (literature) in the form of books, records, and reports, more specifically described in the normative Islamic law. Based on the results of this study are expected to be material information for both Muslim jurists and the students in order to consider the legal position with respect to which the convert, so that Islamic law is not to say the law is too harsh, because Islam is a religion of tolerance and Allah SWT. commanded his servants so as not to complicate but facilitated for those who want to enter into his religion. Hopefully the results of this study can be useful both for the writer and for the reader.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23971/el-mas.v1i1.673


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