TINJAUAN HUKUM ISLAM TERHADAP MASYARAKAT MUSLIM YANG MENJALANKAN PERKAWINAN ADAT (Studi Perjanjian dan Pelaksanaan Perkawinan Adat di Desa Tanjung Sangalang Kec. Kahayan Tengah Kab. Pulang Pisau)

Norwili Norwili, Rizkya Maulida


Muslim community in the village of Tanjung Sangalang implement customary marriage has been known since the time of the ancestors. This is a culture that is considered essential to be implemented because it is not just to preserve customs, but also a prevention of divorce. From the result showed that traditional marriage has nothing to do with religion, because all the Dayak people of any religion through the process of breeding a new indigenous religious marriage. So religion has nothing to do with customs. In this case, the authors conclude that unless Muslims who carry out the new marriage marriage customs. Further analysis of the results showed that the customs of Muslim society Sangalang Tanjung village in accordance with the theory of reception and they also do not understand the Islamic Shari'a correctly. This is in accordance with the implementation of the marriage covenant is not in accordance with Islamic Shari'a. Though in theory acceptance of the authority of law that a Muslim must be faithful in carrying out the Shari'a. Although, the fact that they carry out the purpose of the agreement is not customary for the divorce, because all religions do not justify the divorce.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23971/el-mas.v1i1.675


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