An Analysis of Writing Materials Students’ English Textbook

Achmad Maulana, Hesty Widiastuty


Textbooks have become necessary learning media. It is very important to help teachers be more careful in choosing appropriate books for students. This article was created to determine whether in English book “When English Rings a Bell”, posted by the Indonesian Department of Education and Culture, meets the standards for use in study activity. In addition, does the textbook meet the assessment standards? The book includes four assessments: object, content, design, and English ability. The researcher used a qualitative descriptive research method using content analysis. The aspect of the analysis was 8th class junior high school students at SMP Muhammadiyah Palangka Raya. The findings of the analysis showed that chapters III and IV only focused on speaking and listening skills rather than writing. So, this book still can be used in the learning and teaching activities process and can also improve students' English skills. But it still needs a lot of improvement for the teachers to find out another assignment related to writing, especially for chapters III and IV.


Knowledge, English Textbooks, English Skills

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