Analisis Kecerdasan Emosional Orangtua untuk Mendampingi Anak dalam Pembelajaran Daring pada masa Pandemi Covid-19

Dony Apriatama, Ni Wayan W. F, Annisa A. S, Aldo A.P, Aldi A.P, Theo C. T.


Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand one’s own feelings and understand the feelings of others, the ability to motivate oneself, and the ability to manage emotions well in oneself and in relationships with others. This study aims to analyze the emotional intelligence of parents in accompanying children in online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. This research method uses qualitative methods with a library research approach or literature study. Data collection techniques in research using the documentation method. The results of the study found that parents could not manage their emotions when learning was influenced by economic, educational, health, and human psychological factors. In addition, parenting also affects the emotional intelligence of parents in accompanying children. The conclusion in this study is that the pandemic and Distance Learning (PJJ) that is currently occurring have an impact on the unpreparedness of parents in accompanying their children, this triggers the emotional state of parents to become unstable, causing both verbal and non-verbal violence to students. Therefore, parents should coordinate with homeroom teachers, subjects and counseling teachers to be able to overcome obstacles in helping teach, accompanying, and interacting with children so as to create a comfortable and safe atmosphere for the psychological condition of the child and parents.

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