A Corelation between Poor Motivation and The Efficiency of Female Students in Speaking Skills at Indonesian Islamic Boarding School | 'Alaaqah bayna Dha'f Al-Daafi'iyyah wa Kafaaah Thaalibah fi Mahaarah Al-Kalaam bi Al-Ma'had Al-Islaamiy Al-Induuniisiy

Segaf Baharun, Khonsa' Nabila, Muhammad Sofwan bin Harizan


Most demotivating research focuses on the factors of students low interest in learning a second language. The purpose of this study is to find out if the state of demotivation in Darullughah Waddawah Islamic Boarding School, the female students speaking proficiency, and the influence of demotivation towards the female students speaking skills. The techniques used to complete data in this study were questionnaires, observation and interviews. The data were then analyzed by the Pearson correlation coefficient to measure variable X (Demotivation) and variable Y (Proficiency in speaking Arabic). The results of this study showed that 1) 3.2% of students did not feel demotivated, 41.93% of students at a low level of demotivation, 48.48% were at a moderate level of demotivation, and 6.54% felt a high level of demotivation. 2) 6.7% of students had excellent scores in Arabic speaking, 6.7% were fair, and 86.6% were good. Demotivation does not correlate with speaking skills because the ability to speak Arabic had a significant result of 0.571 which was greater than 0.000. This study recommends that the teachers need to perceive the level of student motivation to create a comfortable learning environment and provide solutions when demotivation occurs.


Demotivation; Arabic speaking skill

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.23971/altarib.v11i1.6311


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